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Following the publication of the Scottish Government's Covid-19 route map yesterday, we are reassessing our plans for the summer. It is clear to us that to comply with the guidelines, and consider the impact on our local community, we will not be able to run our courses as planned until we reach phase 3. 


Scottish Government COVID-19 routemap:

Phase 1 - Starting 28 May, lasting at least 3 weeks.

Travel limited to 5 miles means that we are still unable to run any courses.

Phase 2 - "People are permitted to drive locally for leisure purposes."
"Able to meet with larger groups including family and friends outside with physical distancing."

At this point we may be able to offer 1:1 coaching with people in our local area. There hasn't been any definition as to what local means, but at the moment I would say 20-30 miles seems sensible.

Phase 3 - "Can drive beyond local area for leisure and exercise purposes." "Relaxation of restrictions on accommodation providers."

At this point it looks like we will be able to re-start all of our activities again as normal, albeit with adaptations for hygiene and physical distancing considerations.


With the timing for the implementation of the different phases still very uncertain, we are not going to take any payment for future bookings at this time. However if you are interested in one of our autumn events, please join the waiting list to secure your place and we will open up to payment and confirmation closer to the time.

We will keep our course calendar up to date. 

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