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5 reasons your next goal doesn't need to be a race!

At this time of year it is common to plan the year ahead, setting goals to help motivate and structure your training through the winter. However a goal doesn’t have to be a race.


Effective goal setting suggests that we will benefit from having a specific goal of some kind, something measurable and on a defined timescale. However this doesn't mean that only races can be goals, a personal adventure, or a running holiday could also present all the positives of having a challenge without the drawbacks. 

1. Take time to enjoy your surroundings
With the ever present ticking clock during a race it is hard to justify a moment of stillness, but sometimes this is what we need to really appreciate the landscape we run through. Stop and marvel at a spectacular visa, or pause to step off the path to see the details hidden around a corner. 

2. Not judged against performance of others 
Inevitably at a race, regardless of your finishing position, your performance is defined relative to the others in the race, you can’t be mid-pack without a pack! Run alone or with a group and you are guaranteed to finish first!

3. Learn stuff from guides
As well as knowing the way and carrying a first aid kit in case of an incident, our guides are incredibly knowledgable about the environment through which we run. Along the way we will share stories of local legends, gems of geology to help you understand why the mountains look the way they do and details on plants animals and birds you’ll see along the way.

4. Relax in comfort in the evenings
Rarely do multi-day races include hot showers in the evenings, let alone a comfy bed and a nice restaurant! It has been said that our Highland Grand Tour is a gastronomic tour with some running to build the appetite! 

5. No queuing for portaloos
Last and probably the most important! Take in a running holiday with us and we can guarantee there will be no queuing for portaloos!!



Check out our running holidays for more information, or if you are planning your own adventure, our skills courses might help you to prepare. 

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