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Huge thanks to Inov-8 for support for Cape Wrath

Kit support from Inov-8

I need to give a huge shout-out to Inov-8 for their help supporting me with kit for the Cape Wrath Ultra which starts in just over a weeks time. I was already planning to be using a few of my favourite bits of Inov-8 kit for the race, my Rocklite trainers for the stages with a lot of hard pack track and my Stormshell waterproof jacket. This extra kit will certainly shave a good few grams from my kit and hopefully keep me running comfortably and chaffing free!

So what did I get?

AT/C WINDSHELL WINDPROOF JACKET - Super light pertex windproof, this will be brilliant to help me regulate temperature on the early morning starts and act as my first protection against light showers without needing to stop and change layers.


AT/C ULTRASHELL WATERPROOF JACKET - These waterproofs are a game changer in terms of weight and pack size, incredibly coming in at under 200g for the jacket and trousers! They are still very comfortable and will keep off a good Scottish soaking! 

AT/C TWIN SHORT - These feel very comfortable and will hopefully stop and chaffing which is almost inevitable on an 8 day race like this but tht could become a huge problem if not looked after. 

ALL TERRAIN SOCK MID - Socks, much more important than you might think on a race like this, and the only thing that I will have a clean set of for each day!


Thanks guys!


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