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At Trail Running Scotland we understand that the natural environment in which we run is a fundamental part of why we love this sport. The enjoyment of any run is enhanced by taking in the natural beauty of an ancient pine forest or the surprise of seeing Red Squirrel or Capercaillie. 

We believe that connection with our landscape and natural history fosters a greater appreciation of our environment and therefore our impact upon it, not just when we are out on the trail but in the rest of our lives. Getting out into the forests and mountains and learning more about them whilst enjoying the health and wellbeing of activity is hugely important to reducing our individual impact on the planet. 

At Trail Running Scotland we encourage you to also consider the potential impact of our holidays and courses, and for us all to do what we can so that every course has as positive a footprint as possible.


The biggest impact of our desire to explore and enjoy our country is from our travel. Where possible we would ask you to consider using the train or other public transport. On a journey from Edinburgh to one of our Aviemore courses this would save 30kg of CO2 compared with driving. 

Alternatively please try to car share, you could arrange this with other course participants on our Facebook Community page.


£1 Environmental Levy

To try to offset the impact of our courses we have teamed up with the Cairngorms Trust, a charitable trust managed by the Cairngorms National Park for sustainable and community led local development.

£1 from every course fee is donated to the trust as our environmental levy.

In particular our donations will go towards projects that improve or maintain access. This may be path maintenance or new access projects. 

As of April 2021 we have donated a total of £171 to the Cairngorms Trust.

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Carbon Offsetting

This year I am offsetting my travel footprint with The Future Forest Company, purchasing 750kg of biochar offsets they are producing at their Glenaros Estate site on Mull, Scotland. Biochar prevents carbon being returned to the carbon cycle, a process which sees organic matter processed in a pyrolysis oven at a high temperature with the absence of oxygen, which creates biochar, a natural substance which stores the carbon for over 1,000 years. The Future Forest Company are carrying out biochar production at scale on Mull, taking organic matter such as off-cuttings from commercial forestry in Scotland, preventing this being returned to the carbon cycle. 

This offset of 0.75 Tonnes covers 2828 miles of driving for 2020 and is an investment of £37.50



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