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Cape Wrath Ultra - Race time!

So the time for preparing is over, tomorrow is the big day, as I set off on an 8 day, 400km adventure from Fort William to Cape Wrath as part of the Cape Wrath Ultra

The last few days have been the time to bring it all together, finally packing all the bits and pieces yesterday. We get a baggage allowance of 20kg that gets transported for us each day, leaving us to run light each day. The biggest weight of this is hill food for 8 days. it is tricky to plan how much food I will need and what to take, so I have a 'spare' bag as a backup and fingers crossed!

This is the part of the huge unknown about doing an event of this size for the first time and I'm expecting a steep learning curve!

I was surprised how much space I had though, so am able to take a lot more spare clothes than I expected so I have clean socks and tops for each day, with 3 pairs of shorts to rotate (and hopefully wash and dry).


The weather is looking fairly good, a bit wet for the first couple of days, but then possibly quite warm for the end of the race which could make life difficult. i have added another pack of electrolyte tablets to the kit this morning!



Training: For the last couple of weeks I have been focussing on tapering, getting a bit of a rest so that I start the event fresh. This was definitely needed as I was feeling pretty tired last month with big volume of training. This does mean that I feel pretty good am and pleased to be going into the event injury free. It does, however, also mean that it feels like a while since I have done a big run, so can't help questioning if I could have done more. I guess this is inevitable, and I have to tell myself that one or two extra runs wouldn't make any real difference at this stage.


In the last few weeks I have had a rollercoaster of confidence, swinging between wild optimism that I can be competitive at the front of the race, and wondering if I can even get round the course. After all the planning, training and thinking about the event, I am now just itching to get on with it and find out.

The unknown is the adventure, that is what I signed up for. There will be some lows, but if it was easy I wouldn't have signed up.... bring it on!!



You can track the event here


And even send competitors messages through ultra mail



See you in 8 days!!


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